New: RIDE iD app

This morning I used a little of “me” time to digress my week and the things that have been going on.  One of my favorite ways to do this is to go to Barnes and Noble and do some reading.

While at reading a cycling magazine, I came across the Road I.D. ad. I thought to myself, we definitely need one of these for our running and riding adventures as you never know what could happen.  Being the iPhone power user that I am, I searched the app store to see if Road I.D. may have an app when I came across Ride ID.

It’s a free app so I thought, why not give it a try. I found the app useful and to the point. It’s the iPhone version of Road I.D. with the difference being I can dial my emergency contacts directly from my phone providing it is unlocked.

First thing’s first.  Download the FREE Ride iD app from the iOS app store.

Enter all Emergency contract and medical information.

If you leave your phone unlocked, the emergency numbers can be dialed directly from the app with just one click. All of your individual information is available as well.

If you leave your phone locked, you will want to save your Ride iD information and wallpaper it so that it is still viewable.

The only difference is that your emergency contacts cannot be dialed directly from the app.







Specialized Sirrus Elite

So, I finally made the jump and did it.  I have been wanting to ride a bike again so badly.  I was actually pretty scared for awhile.  It took me 2 years to work up the courage to get on a bike again.  Believe or not to me, one of my biggest obstacles is just to be able to clear the top bar.  That is what played with my head the most.  I had a fear that I would not be able to clear it and end up falling backwards and causing an injury to myself.  Finally, on Tuesday I just thought to myself that this was the day to do it.  If I didn’t get it done on Tuesday it was never going to be done.

I was fortunate to find a bike at one of my local owned bike shops Open Road Bicycles located on County Road 210.  I did do some testing at other stores that day, but I noticed that the bigger high end bike stores didn’t pay as much attention to your needs and your abilities.  All they wanted to do was sell me a bike and the most expensive one at that.  That being said, I was fortunate to have the team of Frank, Brian and Melinda at my local Open Road Bicycles.  They were really patient with listening to my goals and in giving me the time to make the purchase when I was ready.  The last thing I wanted to do is buy a bike and regret it.  Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to spend with me and listening to my needs.  Now I can officially say that they have a “Customer for Life”. Best of all your buying from local passionate riders that even ride to and from work.

I test rode several bikes and 5 different brands.  My personal fitness bike of choice is the Specialized Sirrus Elite.  The bike was more responsive than the others that I tested.  The ride was comfortable and I didn’t feel as much pressure on my hands as with other bikes.  The best thing of all is that the bike is light.  Well, here is a picture of my new addition to my family courtesy of Sirrus Elite

St. Johns Commons
Open Road Bicycles
2220 CR-210 West #303
St. Johns, FL 32259 USA

(904) 819-0422

On a side note, I don’t normally promote retailers on my blog but the service I have received from them was so exceptional, it just had to.  Hope you will get to visit them and see why.