New: RIDE iD app

This morning I used a little of “me” time to digress my week and the things that have been going on.  One of my favorite ways to do this is to go to Barnes and Noble and do some reading.

While at reading a cycling magazine, I came across the Road I.D. ad. I thought to myself, we definitely need one of these for our running and riding adventures as you never know what could happen.  Being the iPhone power user that I am, I searched the app store to see if Road I.D. may have an app when I came across Ride ID.

It’s a free app so I thought, why not give it a try. I found the app useful and to the point. It’s the iPhone version of Road I.D. with the difference being I can dial my emergency contacts directly from my phone providing it is unlocked.

First thing’s first.  Download the FREE Ride iD app from the iOS app store.

Enter all Emergency contract and medical information.

If you leave your phone unlocked, the emergency numbers can be dialed directly from the app with just one click. All of your individual information is available as well.

If you leave your phone locked, you will want to save your Ride iD information and wallpaper it so that it is still viewable.

The only difference is that your emergency contacts cannot be dialed directly from the app.







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